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Can You Solve Me? 12 Puzzle Set


Can You Solve Me? 12 Puzzle Gift Set - Challenging Tangram, IQ Toy, Brainteaser, Mind Game for Children & Adults -

Includes 12 Geometric Shapes & 3 Varying Difficulties. Great for Family Game Nights or as a Desk toy.

These brain teasers may seem simple when you first see them, but they're designed to test logic and give spatial reasoning skills a workout. So give your head a scratch and get rearranging, because you've got Tangrams to solve.

Fun & challenging, with many opportunities for victory dances when you finally nail 'em

Use the pieces inside each package to recreate the silhouette shape.
Each puzzle comes with its own set of pieces.
All pieces are engraved for easy identification.
Good for creative thinking and improving both your IQ & EQ.

  • Each one of the 12 shapes has unique puzzle pieces.
  • 3 Levels of difficulty: Entry, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Great for spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving.
  • Solutions not included, buyer be bold.