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Senseez Vibrating Pillow – Flannel For Teens


This vibrating pillow is part of the Senseez Trendables series specially designed for for Teens and adult. They are larger than the Originals or Touchables and the design is also adapted to an older audience.

The recommended usage for the “Hoodie” & "Flannel" is to squeeze it in one’s arms against the chest or to recline on it with the pillow against the back. For users who have reached puberty, this is more recommended than sitting on the vibrating pillow.
Flannel is made of super soft patterned material. It also has a row of buttons for extra sensory input.

Size: Approx 43 cms x 33 cms x 14cms

The vibration unit requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

The Senseez Vibrating Pillow offer gentle vibration when it’s sat on, hugged or squeezed encouraging the body to calm and relax.
These are made specifically with the fidgety child/teen/adult in mind! They’re also great for those with anxiety or sleeping difficulties as well.
The gentle vibration of this cushion is also a great way to introduce vibration to children with sensory processing sensitivities as well.

Safety information / Disclaimer:
Senseez vibrating cushions are not a medical device and should not be used for medical or therapeutic purposes. They are not waterproof and should never be used around or submerged in water. The vibration mechanism emits a noise that may not be suitable for some children. Each child will respond differently to Senseez.

Senseez are not toys and caution should be used when they are treated as such. Senseez are intended for use with children ages 4+ with parental supervision. While they are designed to ensure safety, Senseez is not responsible if any contents are ingested or misused, or for injury resulting from electrical components.

Senseez Vibrating Pillow – Flannel For Teens. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (NOT included)

“Vibration is helpful because it is a predictable, regular form of sensory input that can be calming to the nervous system. For some children, this input helps them to relax and become more organized. Vibration may help children to engage in interaction with others. For other children, vibration may increase their alertness which can also help children to attend and interact with toys or people in the environment.”

-Sue, Occupational Therapist, Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton

“As a psychologist that works with adult individuals and couples on the spectrum, I have recognized in many, sensory issues, often triggering feelings of anxiety and agitation. One tool I discovered is the vibrating pillow. I had seen it work with children and tried it with adults. I have noticed that it does produce a calming effect. Anything that helps ease the senses and calm the body is a great tool in my box!”
-Dr. Laurie Betito, Licensed Clinical Psychologist