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Palm Tangle -Large Style Tangle in Classic Colours


Twisty inspiration in the palm of your hands! 

The NEW Palm Tangle is a new addition to our Tangle family of fun fidget & learning tools. 

This product is slightly larger than the Tangle Jr. and is guaranteed fun for everyone!

Stimulate your sense of touch with this amazing tool!

Keep Tangles everywhere - in your car, bag, desktop... they make the perfect accessory for backpacks and key rings too. Collect and connect with your friends to create a Tangle as unique as you.

  • Hard, smooth texture
  • Bright solid color sections
  • Translucent sections on select styles
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Useful for hand and wrist therapy
  • Calms anxiety and relaxes the mind
  • Helps form healthy habits

Ages 3+