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Portable Folding Stool

Original price $39.95
Current price $29.95

Portable Chair Folding Stool Collapsible Seat

These are great for using at kids sporting events, camping, fishing, Picnics & bush walks. We store ours under the seats in the car for those moments where there isn't a seat in park or event but we don't want to stand lol. I even use one in front of me when out as a table. Just so versatile!

They are super compact, light and adjustable in height also so can be used by little ones and adults alike.

Please note they do not like you to try shift them whilst you are sitting on them. Any weight bearing on them whilst the the lugs are in a 'unlock' position may cause them to break.

Care needs to be used when opening / closing and ensure its 'locked' before sitting. Warranty only provided for fault on arrival, not if it breaks due to using them in a way they are not meant to.

2 colour options - black (with slight burgundy trim) and teal with black trim.