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Prisma Light - calming and spectacular


Super sensory and calming prisma light.  Battery operated and when you turn on it lights up the room. See video.  To be honest, I am known for than lol when i opened it to try I thought this is soooo crappy. i thought the two halves were meant to be clipped together and secure.  Determined to try it i put the batteries in and went to a dark room, unconvinced.  It was then i realised they two halves are not meant to line up it rotates on itself and lights up the room with a lovely array of pretty colours.  I LOVE IT ! i found it very calming.  
  • Kaleidoscopic light show projector
  • Features 3 LEDs with a mechanised rotation for a stunning disco effect


  • 80(L) x 80(W) x 90(H) mm
  • Colour box + colour display box
  • 3 x AA not incl