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Pop It - Push and Pop Range - 2 resistance options


Push and Pop It Push it, push and pop it, Pop it, Play the mouse game. Known as a push n pop,  popit, pop it, bubble pop, push pop & likened to a simpl dimpl (simple dimple) fidget.. whatever you call it this non-toxic silicone sensory toy is both a sensory tool and game.

Press the bubbles down, it makes a slight popping sound. The original purpose of these was a logic /strategy game. There are countless videos on youtube showing you how to play.

Likened to bubble wrap, personally, I don't think it's similar but who am I to argue with the masses grin. Check out our magnetic pad if you like bubble wrap. Now that is amazing for a similar sensation.

To be honest, when I first got the samples of these a few months back both as a sensory seeker & Occupational Therapist I was underwhelmed. I 'wanted' more push & pop, more resistance.

For us here at Kaiko the thought of anyone buying an item and then trying it and thinking "meh" had me exclude this as something to stock.

We were getting countless requests but I still couldn't bring myself to get them in. Then Kai found it in my discarded sample pile and stole it. I found him over the coming weeks using it constantly. Kai can't and won't fake enjoyment or sensory happiness. He liked it, in fact, he loved it. So.... I have relented & got them in.

It seems it's just my sensory profile that isn't excited by these. I have come to really enjoy playing the game though. It’s simple and a portable game/tool for the handbag.

You still can't take the O.T. out of me so it then became my mission to find one with maximum pop, in addition to finding a discreet version (black).

SO.. we have a few styles. The rainbow & puzzle ones are the ones with more resistance, the other colours slightly lighter. Please note the rainbow one the lines of the colour are not perfect, this is consistent on all of them and not a defect.

We are working with a manufacturer to develop one with even more resistance, which is in keeping with what we do here at Kaiko... build weight, resistance, coolness, and premium experience into our range IF we can't find it already available.


I'm waffling... lol... like it or think it's MEH... here it is..


Rainbow & multi colour puzzle varieties have firmer resistance 

Solid colours have a lighter resistance