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Speks Fleks Magnetic Silicone 8-Piece Building Set Desk Tool


Speks Fleks Magnetic Silicone 8-Piece Building Set - Grey - Fun Desk Toy for Adults

  • THE ORIGINAL MAGNETIC SILICONE DESK TOY: Bendy silicone meets rare earth magnets in this perfectly formed, 8 piece party for your fingers. If you need to add a little fun to your desk, some flexibility in your routine or some wiggle for your workplace; we made Fleks for you!
  • SATISFACTION THROUGH INTERACTION: Fully flexible, super snappable, perfectly pliable and preposterously playable - Fleks are guaranteed to be what your fidgety fingers need. Soft but tough and smooth to the touch, every piece is designed for maximum satisfaction.
  • FIDGET THROUGH THOUGHTS OR PLAY THROUGH PROBLEMS: snap ‘em together, pull ‘em apart, twist one around another or pop them on the base. Flex your fingers and your brain for playful problem solving.
  • 100+ COMBINATIONS AND COUNTING: Express yourself through supple silicone shapes - it’s a new office art form! Set up a scene, turn your desk into a zen garden, arrange and rearrange to bring a personal touch to your table.
  • AGES 14+: Keep away from all children under the age of 14.