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Squishy Balls - BOX of 12 - 3 texture options available


These squishy balls are amazing to handle.   We have 3 textures  available or a mixed box of all 3 textures

when squished they feel like soft clouds of shaving foam.  Box of 12 is mixed colours as shown. 

Strange context warning ...but read on if you like... These are the ones recommended by Trish O.T from Planted Parenting that can help substitute the sensory seeking for boys/males of playing with their "bits"  - a normal but sometimes socially unacceptable pastime at times in certain settings so can help replace the sensory input with a similar 'feel'.   Now lets move on lol....

CORNFLOUR FEEL - these feel awesome, some love, some not so much ... but most cant stop squishing to decide lol

PUTTY/CLAY FEEL - these give some resistance and are my personal fav.  Super satisfying 

NOTE  Contents are non toxic but please don't eat. Promise chocolate or fruit tastes better & better fro gut health! 

Due to the nature of the toy we do not offer warranty on these as they often break with handling. 

Squishes are NOT forever toys,  they can last minutes or months depending on handling.  For longest use place the round join in the palm when squeezing so that it minimises pressure on it.   These are not suitable for children under 3, those that like to be super rough on toys or biters as they'll last seconds. 

Having said that they are super satisfying and worth the short term investment lol... Its kinda why we sell them in boxes... & at a bargain price ....we source them so we can  so its not a sheep station when they break :)