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Squishy Lovers Gift Set - 12 items only $35 SAVE $15

Color: pinks/purples where possible

12 awesome squishy items 

large orbie squishy ball - 6 colour options

squishy animal encased in a stuffed toy fabric (great for durability) lightly fragranced selected from 12 designs 

alien smiley squishy - foam texture - 1 colour only

squishy ice cream pen topper and black pen - 3 colour options

banana orbie squishy

Magic cotton Sand - stretchy sand - amazing kinda like dry slime. wonderful stretch without the sticky mess, vacuums up easily if needed - 6 colour options

net squishy - 4 colour options - to make this last always put the plastic cap in palm of hand 

Stretchy caterpillar - 6 colour options 

3 different textured squishy balls - 4 colour options avail - textures are cornflour, clay & shaving foam 

small orbie squishy ball with peek a boo holes - 4 colour options