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Back to School tools to help with the transition

Back to School tools to help with the transition

Heading back to school can be challenging, for ALL ages! Often for us as parents/carers too!

As both an Occupational Therapist & mumma of a neurodistinct household I frequently get asked what are my recommendations for sensory supports. They can make such a difference in how they manage both the transition back to school and also the day to day anxiety throughout the year.

So… I’ve pulled together 3 kits with my top picks. An early primary kit, an upper primary kit and a secondary kit.

It may be your child suits one from a different category - trust your gut on that, but these are my go-to items.

There are loads of other awesome supports in our back to school collection also if you’re wanting additional support.

Feel free to ask me any child-specific questions too :)

Joanne Seymon
Occupational Therapist
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