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Celebrate Mothers Day the Neuro Spicy Way

Celebrate Mothers Day the Neuro Spicy Way

For us, understanding this fact is everything… consistency around food (of texture, taste, smell) is key. It's not that we necessarily just want junk food, but what we DO NEED is things to taste, smell and feel the same way in our mouth each time. It is why its super common to see both children and adults smell food before they pop it in their mouth, even food they’ve had before countless times.

Also, predictability is often super helpful in regulating and managing our world. I know I like (almost need) to eat the same thing EVERY DAY for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll eat ‘the thing’ so much that then it's ‘dead’ to me and I can’t make it again and I then move on to my new hyperfocus breakfast. As an emerging (in self-understanding) Autistic & ADHD’er I also get that breakfast is often my only consistent meal, as I often forget to eat and drink throughout the day… Something many of us struggle with.

As I unpack my self-understanding of being a late-identified neuro spicy human, the surprising gift has been more self-compassion and grace, I am kinder to myself now & I also understand why things are important to me & that’s it is perfectly OK rather than think I’m weird or broken.

I wanted to share for a range of reasons… firstly because, well lets be honest…I am an OVER SHARER, but also in the hope that it explains, affirms & validates the some of the things you may experience in your world.

Have an awesome day! Jo

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