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My Story

My Story

Hi, my name is Kai & I am on the spectrum & dyslexic.  I started making my own fidgets when I was 11 because I couldn't find anything that wasn't noisy or embarrassing! 

Mine are SUPER COOL & mainly made of metal.  They are not just for kids like me, adults love them too!  Using my fidgets has really helped me with my anxiety & also concentrate at school. It feels good to know that my fidgets are helping others!  

They are sensory tools for ADULTS & YOUTH alike who struggle with focus and anxiety.  They can help replace other more socially unacceptable fidgeting, such as  hair twirling, pen clicking, tapping, nail-biting & picking.  I have more than 20 in the range now covering a wide range of sensory needs and preferences.  I enjoy using them & I hope you do too! 


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