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Educators & Practitioners

As an Occupational Therapist I love to be able to support other educators & clinicians to both problem solve & product match to specific needs.  The range is broad, covering a wide range of sensory needs.   They  help support mental health, focus and can assist with anxiety.  

"I love your shop! You have such a great collection of functional yet aesthetically pleasing products that don't scream “I have a disability”. I literally don't know of another shop in the world that offers this. The videos you have for each product are above and beyond excellent. I'm an OT and work with autistic children. Thank you!"
 - Kara M

My top recommendations generally speaking for a clinical tool kit are: 

  • The Works Kit- this has a good range of sensory profiles covered from 'soft' to strong input with our spikey 

  • Hand rollers in 100, 180 & 250gms.  300gm avail from end of Nov 2020

  • PLUS individual fidgets - the Small (great to assist with hand writing development) jumbo, mega 20
  • Necklace caterpillar (in black) -  wonderful 'on hand' fidget.  Always there when needed.  Plenty of clinicians actually wear these to support themselves throughout the day as well. 
  • Kaiko lanyard which we have had custom made to clip multiple fidgets too, including the ability to detach the bottom section off easily.    
  • Spikey for wrists in each of the 4 sizes. High sensory input and also can assist minimise picking /cutting /self harming behaviours.  We will have a 5th size (XXL) in early 2021 for larger wrists and ankles.  
  • Magnetic board - great for early literacy & is also a great sensory tool.  Many liken it to popping bubble wrap, but better lol.  We find many adults purchase this fro themselves, ie its not just for kids.
  • LCD boards -  the  10” LCD boards are fabulous as a learning and practice tool for primary, for those with learning challenges, as a communication tool as well as fun & engaging activities.  (see description on product page) 
  • Japanese face squishy - robust, black and suitable as soft sensory input without being childish.  
  • MDI Smooshos Jumbo squishy - robust as far as squishes go and feel A-M-A-Zing.
  • Finger popper set - great for finger strength.  
  • Stretchy sand - very sensory. 

Our tools really come into their own for teens and adults but are suitable for 3 plus.  We have even developed a range to help with harm minimisation.  We love working closely with a range of clinicians and organisations, as well as families & individuals and welcome any feedback , questions or comments. 

We are Melbourne based and I regularly attend schools and practices for team meetings to show the range and discuss clinical benefits & uses as well as speak to how the use of sensory tools positively impacts both mental health, focus and supports the way the brain functions.  If not based in Melbourne I can also do this via zoom or phone. 

Listen to what some clinicians are saying about our products:


We are happy custom design clinical kits for your workplace tailored to those you work with. To do this its best to chat with me either via email or phone.

Kind regards

Joanne Seymon

Occupational Therapist & Mum to Kai

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