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Check out this awesome interview Jo and Kai did with Carole Jean from Social Autie

Check out this awesome interview Jo and Kai did with Carole Jean from Social Autie

This bonus episode to the Self Care September Series will Air this Friday.


S2 BONUS - Stim Tools & Fidgets for Autistic & ADHD Adults with Kaiko Fidgets 


Stimming or Self Stimulatory Action is something many autistics and ADHDers use to both expend and gain energy and stimming is part of Self-Care. 


As we wrap up Self-Care September here in Mind Your Autistic Brain I wanted to share and demonstrate the incredible high quality line of pocket sized and elegant ADULT Stim Tools and Fidgets from my friends Jo and Kai at Kaiko Fidgets.  


Find your next or your FIRST stim tool today in this informative video bonus.  


I was shocked at the sensory experiences some of these tools gave me and it was amazing to have such sharp calm or focus when I had no idea  a stim tool could give me that feeling.


If you are a late identified autsitic I highly recommend ordering the Works Kit from Kaiko Fidgets to find your stim tool of preference. 


(This is my personal opinion and I receive no compensation from the products mentioned)


Time Stamps:

Hand Roller 2:15

Bike Chain 7:00

Loop Fidget 10:01

Magic Ball 12:07

Centipede 15:04

Cogs 16:38

Spikey 20:11

The Works Kit 24:27

Caterpillar Necklace 26:54

Mini Squishy 30:03

Desktop Gyroscope 32:31

Fidget Spinner with Pop Its 34:50


Watch HERE: 


Mind Your Autistic Brain Talk Show hosted by The Social Autie, that’s me, Carole Jean.  I am a late identified, adult autistic and each week I have a conversation with another late identified autistic, who shares their voice, experiences and journey with you. 


I am only one voice among many and I can’t wait to share my incredible friends with you and let you know that you are not alone on this autism journey, we are here with you.

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