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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $150+ Orders
Let's Celebrate Dads!

Let's Celebrate Dads!

Massive shout out to all the dads out there…  and big hugs to those that have dad’s who have their angel wings. As much as I celebrate this day for my world, I very much ‘feel’ the trickiness & grief of this day for many too (hope it's not triggering to say that). Whatever your day holds, I hope it is nurturing & blessed.  

Mike - Kai & Kobi's Dad 
Love you to bits Mike! Literally couldn't do Kaiko without You. You tirelessly gives to all of us, put up with nagging & OCD tendencies (eek) & love on us in so many ways. You are unbelievably hard worker & supporter of our boys and I want to say THANK YOU MIKE for being such an incredible human, we are blessed to have you in our corner!
My Dad
Dad it's hard to find words to express how much my dad means to me! He tirelessly sacrifices EVERYTHING for his family, love on us, spoils us and is wise council ALWAYS. I get my impatience, expectations for perfectionism, voluptuous figure, heart, thinking outside the box, commitment to family, love of business and having a go and my generosity all from you... Honestly, I couldn't have a better dad, mentor and life coach. You literally pick me up, without judgement, every single time I fall. Love you dad... bless you are mine!
Davo - Mike's Dad 
This is a rare photo of Davo without his 'Dr Harry' cap... her loves all over us and the boys, it's always YES when we need help, when here at Kaiko HQ; furiously  can be found folds boxes for sending orders & is such a good dad, Davo (pop) and friend to many. We love you Davo.
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