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The Spikey

The Spikey

I am a stretchy but firm powder coated metal sensory tool.  I come in both finger & wrist styles.

I am an ideal fidget for those who;

  • like strong sensory input & focused pressure
  • pick at their skin, fingernails & clothing
  • especially great for those who live with anxiety
  • need support with emotional regulation

Customers have told us it has been the best tool to help them warding against tendency to self-harm, as it provides 'ouch' without damaging the skin.  They help minimise picking and increase alertness as well as being great for circulation and stimulating acupressure points.

  • Roll up & down the arm or the fingers
  • Wear on wrist & flick or twist around (similar to a 'Chinese burn') applying varying degrees of pressure dependent on preference. This technique has been particularly helpful for some in minimising self harm. It can provide the 'hurt' without the harm to the skin.
  • Rub between two palms
  • Hold in one or two hands to fidget

Available in finger size & wrist size.

WRIST SPIKEY - comes in 3 sizes - SMALL, LARGE & XL

Sizing Preference is not so much determined by size of wrist or age of person, although most prefer a snug fit so this can guide selection.  The smallest gives the most sensory input.  Many who like this also like the Kaiko Spikey for finger. 

The sizing of the spikey is very personal.  Many of those that have tried it and find it helpful end up getting all 3 sizes and use in different contexts/situations.

At first glance it’s easy to assume sizing selection is best based on size of wrist or age of person using it.  This is certainly one contributing factor, however over time its become clear that is isn't the only thing to consider. The smaller the more sensory input it provides when rolled.  if using it to roll then, irrespective of wrist size, the small is often the go to.

If twisting it around wrist the same amount on input can be achieved using any of the sizes as it is the pressure from the other hand that creates the degree of “ouch".  The smaller one is great for strong input, but generally not comfortable to wear all day, more a use as required and then store away.  Most who like to wear it all the time opt for the large or XL depending on wrist size.  Most adult wrists need the XL for all day wearing.  If unsure I tend to recommend starting with the Large and go from there.  Happy to chat regarding re your specific needs if that would be helpful.

Note: The spikey fidget does not replace accessing professional help.  It is a useful tool for the kit-bag.

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